The Wedding Day Timeline


Its not as daunting as guest lists and seating charts and not as fun as cake tastings but it is definitely necessary to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly…and that my friends is your wedding day timeline!

Couples often think of this in the back of their minds but for those of us who are wedding vendors this tends to be super important, for us anyway. If you do not hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator, your wedding photographer will tend to be the one who keeps track of time before the reception.

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We meet with all of our couples at least a month before their wedding day to go over all of their wedding details, shot list, and day of timeline. We confirm getting ready locations and times, ceremony, portrait locations, and reception flow and times. We type this up into a form that we can keep with us on the day of the wedding and then send to our couple to confirm everything is correct. We then reach out to the other vendors involved in the wedding to introduce ourselves and share our timeline so that we can all be on the same page and if there are any conflicts, they can let us know and we can adjust our timeline.


One the day of the wedding Bryce and I will also try and communicate with each other before the ceremony begins to let the bride know when the groom arrives and vice versa. This helps keeps the day moving so that Bryce or the groom can let the officiant and DJ or musician know that the bride is ready.

It is extremely important for us to stick to the timeline after the ceremony. We make sure that we are timing our family and bridal party portraits, ensuring we have plenty of time to get beautiful bride and groom portraits. We are always keeping an eye on the time to make sure we get our couples to the reception area preferable a few minutes early so that they have a moment or two to relax before their entrance into the reception area. Depending on the venue will also let the DJ know that our couple and bridal party is ready to enter and the party can begin! Generally from there the DJ is MCing the event and keeps things flowing from there.


Though we do stick to our schedule we always try to figure in extra time as we know that wedding days do not always go as planned and things come up. We just want to do everything on our end so that we can give you the best photographs that we can and help your day go smoothly!

 When planning your wedding and day of timeline:

  • Be sure to take into consideration enough time for traveling between locations

  • Always give yourself some cushion time between each event

  • Be sure to give yourself enough time to get ready. Sometimes it can take a while to get into a wedding dress.

  • Be sure to have jobs delegated and a checklist for everyone. Forgetting to pick up items or bring certain clothing items can push your schedule back.

  • If your DJ, venue, or coordinator already have schedules for your wedding day be sure to share them with us so that we can make sure that there aren’t any scheduling conflicts.

  • Don’t stress out too much! We’re here to help!

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 For each couple the flow of the wedding day can differ but for the most part the flow will look something like this:

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled (1).png

If our nerdiness and organization are speaking your language shoot us an e-mail @, we’d love to work with you!