Susquehanna, PA Wedding: Miranda + Frankie

I'll be your rope when that mountain's too steep
Be your hope when the water's too deep
I'll share my blanket when trouble winds turn colder
I wanna take care of you

-Billy Dean

Miranda + Frankie were married at Longacre Farms in the field behind the barn surrounded by family and friends.

I loved the rustic chic vibe of their wedding day. Miranda is a total DIY bride and made decorations, arranged the bouquets and boutonnieres, her veil, and wedding cake!! She is so talented and did a beautiful job with everything that she created.


We were able to photograph Miranda + Frankie’s engagement session along with their sweet kiddos, Kadence and Bentley. They are such a sweet couple we are so honored that we were able to capture such an important part of their love story!

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Venue: Longacre Farm Weddings
Dress: La Bella Rae Bridal
Flowers: Sola Wood Flowers arranged by the Bride
Cake: Bride
Bartender: Jacob Lee
DJ: Dave Johnson