A Quick Dress Tip for Brides To Be


Just a quick tip for Brides- You may want to consider speaking with your seamstress about adding a loop to your wedding dress in addition to your bustle. Even though your dress will bustled after the ceremony and formal photographs are taken you still may want to add a loop/strap to your dress for when you are walking to the ceremony location, between shots during post-ceremony photographs as well as walking to the reception, etc. Though your dress will be bustled it  may still drag on the ground a little bit. This is especially a problem with wet and tall grass areas.

Some brides who are not going to bustle their dress also opt to have a wrist loop for dancing as well as not to step on or trip over their dresses.

Some dresses will come with a hanger strap for your train when your dress is hanging, you could use this for walking around to help keep your dress from getting muddy.

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