A Few Tips for Brides to Be

A few tips from me, a past bride and photographer who spends a lot of time with brides

Everyone is bound to have a little bit of the wedding day jitters but being organized, planning ahead, and just staying calm will help you a lot! Here's a few tips from me, a past bride and someone who spends a lot of time with brides, for helping your wedding day go smoothly. 

1. Plan ahead. What’s that saying? If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

  • 1 month before your big day make sure that everything is finalized.

  • Don’t forget to communicate with your venue and DJ that time will be taken (usually) after the ceremony for bridal party, family, and bride and groom photos. In the hype of the day you may want to breeze through these but these images are important and you will want them someday.

  • Also, be sure to let family and friends know prior to the wedding day if they will be needed for formal photographs. 

  • Before the wedding day make sure that tuxes and dresses are picked up and correct orders are received. Be sure that you have time for alterations if needed.

  • Schedule plenty of time for you and your bridal party to get ready the day of.

2. Be sure to pack an emergency kit for your wedding day. I suggest and often carry safety pins, bobby pins, small bottle of hairspray, clear nail polish, white chalk (for dress stains), and a small sewing kit. For ideas click here.

3. When setting up for your wedding and handling those last minute details you may want to freak out but don’t. It’s ok. Make a list of the essentials that must be taken care of and forget the rest. If you have time take on what you can. I love details but be focused on what is important, you and your soon to be husband will be joined as one. On the day of your wedding those little details really won’t seem all that important to you. (Believe me!)

4. Be sure to book a quality photographer(s). I think I know a pretty awesome husband and wife team ;) Your day will go by so quickly. At our wedding and each wedding we have shot it is always surprising how quickly the day will fly by (my back and feet may disagree with me). There were so many things I wanted to do and people I wanted to talk to but just didn’t get the chance. Be sure to have a professional photographer to document your day from when you walk down the aisle to the last dance.

5. On that note take a few moments here and there and enjoy your day together. Make sure that you and your new husband take a few moments here and there to really take it in and enjoy it. It is after all your day!

6. Though it will go by quickly, it is a long day. Be sure to eat and enjoy that expensive meal you are paying for!

7. If you are wearing heels be sure to bring flats or flip flops for your reception. Its a long day, be kind to your feet :) 

8. On your wedding day you will look beautiful and your groom dashing as ever. Enjoy it and be confident!

9. If you are like me and get nervous when people are staring at you and taking your photograph all day then an engagement session is something to consider. An engagement session will help you get used to being in front of the camera, help you get to know your photographer better and how they give direction, plus you'll have some great photographs from this special time in your life. Make sure to keep your face and body relaxed so that you don’t look nervous in your photos.

10. Something is bound to go wrong. No matter how carefully planned your day even if it is small something will happen. Don't let it put a damper on your day. Expect that this will be the case and go with the flow!