Looking your Best in your Wedding Photos

A Few Tips for Looking Your Best Your Wedding Photos

  • Be careful with fake tans and tanning beds. My advice is embrace the pale! If you’re really set on getting some color do it carefully and well before your wedding. You definitely don’t want to overdo it at the tanning bed and look like a lobster in your bright white dress. If you have your heart set on spray tan you should really do your homework and do this well before your wedding day. Make sure that the color is natural looking. Often times spray tan will give an orange tinge to your skin. This nice new orange glow will not look so great next to your new husband who will not have a spray tan and also in contrast with your white dress. It is also very difficult when editing photos and trying to get a natural look especially in photo with others without spray tans. Spray tan can also be problematic if done closely to your wedding day. A hot summer wedding day, spray tan, and a white dress with equal orange on your wedding dress in the arm pit area.


  • Relax and enjoy it. If you’re like me, you tend to have that nervous look in front of the camera. Don’t be nervous, relax and enjoy it! You just got married! Keep this in mind throughout the day but especially for your wedding portraits of you and your new husband. At this time we are only with the bride and groom. Look at this time as a breather away from everyone and enjoy your time together as a newly married couple before having to go to your reception.

  • We will coach and have you move into different poses, shift your direction, and what to do with your hands to help in achieving natural looking formals.

  • Also, be sure you have scheduled enough time for these photos. Let your venue know when you will be taking time between the ceremony and reception for photos. You won’t be able to relax if you’re worrying about getting to your reception.


  • On that note, Laugh! Especially if either you or your groom to be are nervous in front of the camera. Instead of being nervous have fun and make each other laugh when we’re taking formals and other times when you know we’ll be clicking away.

  • Nervous in front of the camera? Schedule an engagement session with us. This will help you get to know us and how we work, and get comfortable and used to looking natural in front of the camera.


  • Ok, so this part may get confusing…

    • Elongate your neck. Lower your shoulders and maintain a straight back.

    • Drop your chin (while keeping your neck elongated). Stick your chin out slightly and drop it down slightly. This will help in making your chin appear slenderer.

    • Watch your stance. Especially when posing for formals- Stand tall. Keep your upper body facing the camera while your hips are at an angle. Put your weight on your back leg. This makes your body appear thinner by slightly turning your body to show your thinnest angle instead of facing with the broadest side.

    • Try not to press your arms against your body. I have some arm flab and if I push my arms against my body it is only going to enhance that area. Try to hold your arms slightly away from your body. When posing with your bouquet, your bouquet is a great prop to help you in achieving this. By holding your bouquet at your hip and arms slightly away from your body you can create a triangle area between your arms and body helping to give a slimmer look.

  • Most importantly, do what feels comfortable. We always tell our couples to pose in a way that feels comfortable for them. From there we will give direction and make some tweaks. If you aren't comfortable it is going to show in your photos. We want to document YOU and just give some direction along the way to help you look your best.

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