Transformation Tuesday: The Coat Rack

Transformation Tuesday: The Coat Rack

It's been quite a while since I've posted a Transformation Tuesday. My goal was to document updates and projects that we have made to our house and post every few weeks. Hopefully I can get back on track and share some of our fun and not so fun diy projects.

The coat rack was actually a Christmas gift for my parents. Over the past year they had been working on gutting and remodeling their kitchen and dining room in their 1800's farm house. My Mom really wanted a shutter coat rack. Originally we planned to do a corner rack but in the space it needed to go it just didn't work.

We ended up going to Feick's Vintage Finds, one of my favorite shops, to pick up two shutters that were more narrow than the stock of them that we have. We carefully pulled of the edge pieces that would be the middle where the shutters met. We also carefully trimmed the outsides. We used one of the pieces we pulled off to cover the middle seem of where the two shutters meet.

(Please excuse all of the junk in our garage :)).

I also wanted there to be a boot box at the bottom to sit and to store shoes. We built a box to attached to the shutters. We also did a bit distressing to help the new wood look cohesive with the shutters. I did a few coats of chalk paint and a bit of sanding for a distressed look.

We also carefully pulled off the original hardware and gave it new life with a good sanding and coat of paint. Though not functional we put them back on as a decorative element.

We put the original hardware back on and added antique style hooks.