Peckville, PA Wedding: Stacey and John

We had a great time shooting Stacey and John's 4th of July Wedding! It was simple and elegant, not overdone, just right.

Months back when Stacey had contacted us about photographing her wedding I was totally excited, honored and a bit nervous. A few years ago we had gone through the Art program at Keystone College with Stacey, so it was a total honor to want us to do her wedding but nerves set in a bit at the thought of shooting a fellow art student's wedding.

Stacey and John were absolutely wonderful to work with and had complete trust and confidence in us.

This was one of the most fun weddings we have shot, complete with great people, a wonderful couple, and one of the best wedding music playlists I have ever heard! (Jus4Fun DJ Service did an outstanding job!).

These two are completely smitten! I love that they have been together for a number of years and they still have that fresh brand new couple feel. There were glimpses throughout the day where it seemed like it was just Stacey and John, and no one else was there.  These two are so in love in a complete, true, and genuine way. Some couples can get caught up on their wedding day as it can be a stressful day with so many things going on and many demands on their time. Stacey and John totally enjoyed their day together, I'm so glad they had these glimpses because your wedding day goes by so fast you should always take a few minutes here and there to really enjoy each other and have fun.

We are so honored that we were able to capture moments from John and Stacey's special day.

And that moment was as if time was still. His bride had arrived and it was he and she. For that perfect moment the world had faded and all that remained was their love.



DJ: Jus4Fun DJ Services

Cake: Creative Cakes and Desserts

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Fiorelli Catering

Photography: RandBStudio