Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer: Part 2-Updated

Our Approach


We are always game for sitting down for coffee or if need be over the phone for a pre-booking consultation to see if we would be a good fit for you. We would love to hear from you and about your plans for your big day!

About Us and Our Style
We like capture beauty in a natural, timeless, and honest way.
We always look for different angles, poses and great natural lighting for those great artistic shots.
We are not big on Photoshop and overdone post editing. We do use Photoshop for editing out small annoyances but not to the point where subjects appear unrealistic.
We love to shoot outdoors but are well versed in using flash photography for shooting in romantically lit reception halls.
We are both pretty laid back and flexible. We always come prepared with ideas but encourage our clients to share theirs as well.

After booking we like to keep in touch. We always suggest if you have any ideas, poses that you like, etc. send them to us so that we can add this to your file and refer to for your shot list.



Before Your Big Day

One or two months prior to your wedding (by this time everything should be wrapped up and set in stone) we will meet wherever you like often in the clients home for at least an hour. We will ask you a million questions about your wedding i.e. color, other vendors involved, how many guests you will have etc.

At this time we will go through your shot list. We will compile a list of must have shots for your wedding day. We make sure to go over names, sequence, and poses of the must have shots. We will type it up all nice and pretty once it is finalized and email you a copy and also suggest that you have someone in your bridal party who will be in charge of helping to corral everyone that is needed for photos so that Aunt Maggie doesn't make her way to the reception hall before its time for the family shots.

We will also create a timeline for the day with you from when you would like us to arrive to the last dance. It works nicely as husband and wife photographers as we often have clients who would like pre-ceremony shots. I am able to meet up with the bride and her entourage and get those great shots of her and the other ladies getting ready and Bryce can get the guys getting ready as well as some fun groomsmen shots.

We like to visit your venue(s) before the wedding day to check out lighting and layout. This gives a chance to prepare and make a game plan as to where we will want to be at certain times to get the best shots. 

Your Wedding Day 
When it comes to your big day we are ready to go and as excited as you are. We have our gear packed, loaded, and ready to set up. I always carry a small bottle of hair spray, bobby pins, small sewing kit, and safety pins; in case of a hair or dress emergency.

Weddings are our favorite! Everyone is happy and looking their best and we always feel honored to be such a big part of the lucky couple's day. With all of our pre-planning and my husband’s great problem solving skills we are ready to tackle your big day.  We capture everything from you getting your hair done, first kiss, first dance, down to all of the details and decorations that you put so much time in to. We want to capture everything that we can from your wedding. Your wedding day will honestly go by in a flash, take a few minutes here and there to really take it in an enjoy it! While you're enjoying your day we will be working like busy bees in the background making sure to capture all of those special moments so that you can look back and enjoy them.

If you think that we might be a good fit for you contact us. We would love to sit and talk with you! The earlier you book your wedding photographer the sooner you can cross it off of your to-do list!