Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer: Part 1-Updated


 Part 1- How to Find the Right One

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it's time to find the right photographer.

With so many people in the photography biz it's difficult to cull through them all to find the right one for you. When choosing a wedding photographer it may seem like a daunting task as you try to find someone who you trust to do a great job capturing all those wonderful moments on your special day and will not miss any super important moments. When it comes to weddings there are no do-overs.

First determine what style of photography speaks to you and how you want your photos to look. Do you want traditional, photojournalism, portraiture, or glamour photos? Then start searching for photographers in your area. Check out their websites, Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, blog posts, and any reviews that you can find. Narrow it down by the style you like and of course quality of the images.

Once you've narrowed it down to a few you should contact them to set up a meeting to discuss their style, how they work, their packages, and really just to get to know them to see if they would be a good fit before booking.

It's important to have common ground with your photographer. Many people are camera shy (I totally understand this!) or nervous about how they look when getting their photos taken. I find that it helps to have common ground with clients and to create a friendship with them. On your big day you can spend up to 9 hours with your photographer. You should definitely find someone you like because you will be spending much time with them on one of your most important days. I know it helps our clients to feel more at ease when we have things in common and can chit chat between poses. This takes their mind offhaving their photo taken which results in a more natural and honest appearance.

Choose someone that you can trust. When meeting with your photographer get to know them and ask them many questions. Are they someone that will show up on time? Cover your big day start to finish and get all the details in between? Will they have a second shooter to capture different angles and ensure nothing is missed? What programs do they use for post editing or are they a "shoot and burn" photographer? It's all about you finding the right person for the job and if it's not a right fit for you then it won't be the right fit for your photographer.

Once you find someone you trust, love their photography style and their personality you are almost there! Unfortunately when it comes to weddings it all comes down to cost. It seems like anything to do with weddings cost 3x as much as it should. Being super frugal I think most things dealing with weddings are overpriced this is why when we were planning our wedding we really shopped around and did a lot of DIY projects.

So why is wedding photography so expensive? When you figure in the time spent before your wedding, the hours shooting the day of your wedding, mileage, wear and tear on expensive equipment, hours editing, equipment rental, materials, insurance, taxes, the list goes on and on and the fact that your photographer probably needs to pay for necessities of everyday life, the cost seems a little more understandable. I won't lie, I have seen some photographers who I think charge astronomical prices that do not justify the quality and quantity of images you will receive. When choosing your photographer don't skimp but make sure you are getting quality. Choose the right person for the job that will fit in your budget. If you are unable to find a wedding package that fits your budget see if your photographer will do a custom package for you to at least cover the most important parts of the day.

Part 2: Our Approach to Wedding Photography

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